Prodcuts Class
Glass Tempering Furnace
> D-Forced convection heating system
> S-Double chamber heating system
> T-Series Pass-through quenching system
> L-Continuous tempering system
> Z-Longitudinal bending and tempering system
> H-Cross bending and tempering system
Laminated Glass Production Equipment
> Laminated Glass Production Equipment
Horizontal Washing and Drying Machine
> Horizontal Washing and Drying Machine
Float Glass Line
> Cuting Machine
> Subdivision
> Glass Conveying Roller
> Inspecting Loadine Table
> Annealing Furnace
> Automatic Break
> Marking Machine
> Main Production Panes
> The Feeding Machine



The grade separation lamination installment takes the glass the lamination system, it piled up for the glass multichannel transportation and the multi-exports has created the condition. The equipment mainly transports and the fluctuation structure uses the electric control form, the fluctuation transmission structure, arranges underneath the table, when uphold is away from roller surface section of distances, on the upstream roller route's glass may continue from the grade separation lamination machine to pass, the transportation structure uses the leather belt to transport, after treating the glass plate leaves the lamination machine completely, the lamination machine restores to the original position, the most short period is 6s The fission type grade separation lamination may be composed of two isolated operation grade separation lamination installments, then alone works, may also the linkage movement, be possible to act according to the different glass pan to make the movement choice.


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